How it works?

How it works?

This high-quality practice aid is attached to your instrument while you play or practise. It helps you improve and adapt your embouchure and, by reducing mouthpiece pressure and ensuring a good jaw position, can help to solve many embouchure problems, as well as improving your power, range, tone, stamina and general ease of playing.
Power Without Pressure

Power without pressure

STRATOS seeks to improve your whole approach to shaping an embouchure. It takes away the need to ‘think’ about position and pressure, and allows you to concentrate on relaxing back into better and better performances.
Tone Without Tension

Tone without tension

Heavy mouthpiece pressure restricts the flow of blood to the lips, and they tire more quickly. Players who use excessive pressure will not improve their endurance no matter how long they practice. This is because the muscles at the corners of the lips (which determine lip tension in a good, relaxed, embouchure) are hardly being used at all.
Range Without Effort

Range without effort

By encouraging a good “floating” jaw position, the STRATOS system reduces the need for mouthpiece pressure, and brings the right muscles into play. Using the STRATOS system encourages the right position, and helps players deliver even tone and quality across the entire range of the instrument.
What customers worldwide love about it
  • “I want one and I want it now”

    Jens Lindemann CM - International Trumpet Soloist

  • “STRATOS is particularly useful in my warm-up, to focus my mind on the basics of a good embouchure set-up. Really useful … a great bit of kit”

    David Pyatt - Principal Horn, London Philharmonic Orchestra

  • “If I’d had a STRATOS before I may not have had to retire so early!”

    Terry Lax - Former principal trumpet of the Welsh National Opera

  • “As an educator and a trombone player, I was so amazed with the STRATOS as a beneficial aid for the chops (lips) that every brass player should have. I believe this to be an invaluable tool for busy educators like myself. I would recommend it to all brass students.”

    Ld. Chris Jeans - International Trombone Soloist

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    STRATOS is also distributed in The U.S.A. by Warburton Music Products and in Europe by Arnold Stoelzel GmbH.

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    About STRATOS Creator

    Marcus Reynolds, creator of the unique STRATOS Embouchure System, has been a professional brass player and teacher since his musical training at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall. He gained teaching experience tutoring for Surrey County Council and at numerous private schools for over 12 years, whilst developing his reputation as a professional performer on the trombone. His career included stints on-board the QE2, with West End shows such as ‘Chicago’ and numerous Radio and TV sessions, playing with the very best players in the UK.

    Following a serious stage accident that led to major re-constructive surgery, he had to battle to learn to play again. This struggle gave him insights about the brass embouchure that he used to develop the STRATOS system. The development and refinement of STRATOS took nearly 3 years but has resulted in a system that is used successfully by hundreds of brass players world-wide to improve their embouchure and playing.

    Marcus uses his knowledge and experience to help his students, who range from beginners to seasoned professionals. He continues to play regularly and is a Rath Trombones signed artiste. In between playing and teaching, Marcus now gives lectures and clinics on his approach to the embouchure and brass playing. He has talked at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for the British Trombone Society, and also for Warwick County Music Service. He is also in demand as a writer and has produced articles covering all aspects of the brass embouchure, which have been published in The Brass Herald, Brass Band World and by The British Trombone Society.